Home-Based Business Idea – 11 Reasons Why Capitalizing on the Word Free is Good For Business

Here’s a home-based business idea for thought – did you know that Famous Amos got rich simply by giving away free samples of his famous chocolate chip cookies? Here’s 11 ideas for giving things away for free that can greatly increase your business profits.

1.) Free is the best form of advertising. People are naturally attracted to the word “free”. If you cannot give away free samples another form of free is the “puppy dog” approach. Like a sports car, let a “qualified” prospect take it home for a day, like a new puppy and let them fall in love with it.

2.) Seeing is believing. Sometimes you cannot explain in words to people how great something is. You just have to show it to them to get their attention. Show people how great your business idea is by giving them a free sample.

3.) Giving away freebies lowers peoples defenses. It’s easier to give something away than it is to try to sell something. People don’t like to be sold. It triggers their natural radar defense mechanism.

4.) People love to give their opinion. Do you have a great idea for a product? If possible, ask people to try it out so you can get their opinion on it.

5.) With the right product, you can make up small samples that are dirt cheap to produce. This means advertising can cost you next to nothing.

6.) The best form of advertising is word-of-mouth. If people love your freebies they will tell all their family, friends and associates about them – especially today with text messaging, Face Book, My Space and all the social online stuff going on.

7.) The best lead you can get is a referral lead. Giving away freebies can let others do the selling for you. And by highly recommending you, your product or your service, prospects will be pre-sold on you and your company.

8.) By giving away free stuff you’re building friendships. You’re not just building business relationships. You have the chance to build lasting friendships with people. This is a more relaxed way to work your home-based business.

9.) Giving away free stuff allows you to have more fun with your business. And when it’s fun you are more likely to succeed. Giving things away is less stressful for you and the prospect than trying to sell them something.

10.) Free done right, can be the most powerful form of advertising. Always try to include the word “Free” in all your advertising. It’s still the most powerful attention-getting word. Free can create a lot of “buzz”.

11.) Most importantly, giving things away for free creates a great way to follow up or get back with prospects. Statistics prove that with any home based business idea, 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect and that 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.

Now you know how to get all the free advertising and free leads you can possibly handle to launch your home based business idea successfully. Free advertising and free referrals are the most powerful ways to grow your business. These two things can be done easily through giving away free samples of your precious products. Now all you need to do is look forward to making money hand over fist!