Home Based Business Ideas – Selling Information

People will pay for information if they feel it provides value to them. This presents an opportunity for you to make money selling information in various ways. In this article I will give you a few home-based business ideas on selling information in your own home office.

Let me say that the information products must target a specific theme or idea. One way to increase your sales is to create information products that solve people’s problems. Because people go online looking for information, getting answers to questions they have about a specific problem is a good way for you to make money selling it.

1. Write articles of 500 to 1000 words and give them away for free. Why would you want to give them away for free?

The idea here is to promote a landing page that requires your visitor to give you their name and email address. The reason they want to do that is because you have a valuable article they must read. However once you have their name and email address you can promote future products and make sales to them. This is known as building your own email marketing list and is an excellent long term strategy and home based business idea.

2. Create reports and sell them for $5. A report can be as short as 10 to 20 pages and goes into more detail than an article would. Reports allow you to more thoroughly cover possible causes and solutions for the problems you are writing about. Pricing them inexpensively is a way to increase the volume of your sales as well as to capture names and email addresses for future product sales.

3. Write ebooks and sell them on ClickBank. Over time you can compile your reports and articles and turn them into ebooks. Selling them on ClickBank is a good idea as they have a affiliate program with thousands of affiliates in it. Click Bank is the largest digital information company in the world and an excellent place for you to sell your books and make money on them.

4. Start a membership site and publish a private members only newsletter. Membership sites allow you to create an ongoing income as your members renew on a monthly basis. Your newsletter must provide quality information that the members cannot get anywhere else. If you have specialized knowledge this is an excellent home based business idea.

5. Do tele-seminars for free and sell information products. Invite people to the call for free in sell a CD series packed with information relating to the theme of your tele-seminar. Invite guest speakers on who have products of their own to sell. If they have an affiliate program join it and promote their information products as an affiliate.

These are five home based business ideas for selling information. Information sells because people need answers to questions they have or problems they need solved.